21 – 22 May 2019, Novotel London West, London


Are YOU ready for the 5G Era?

A learning and networking event for the wireless connectivity industry

2 days, 8 sessions, 13 awards, 23 operators, 47 speakers, 450 delegates

Thank you to all the participants, speakers and sponsors of Small Cells World Summit 2019 

There was plenty of lively debate among the speakers and delegates at Small Cell Forum’s well-attended conference. However, for all the variety of opinions and experiences, attendees were united by a central conviction – that the small cell ecosystem, brought together by the Forum, is propelling the mobile industry towards unprecedented reach and diversity.

The traditional cellular model – mobile network operators (MNOs) rolling out in exclusively licensed spectrum to support general purpose mobile broadband connectivity – will remain central. But to fulfil the potential of densification and future 5G, this model must be extended radically, complementing the MNO deployments with a second wave of deployers, harnessing multi-operator platforms and shared spectrum to support highly targeted connectivity and the digital transformation requirements of multiple industries.

Operators attending:

Small Cells World celebrates innovation and challenges preconceptions

The event aimed to challenge preconceptions, feed open minds and enable conference delegates to return to their day jobs even better informed than when they arrived.

It also celebrated small cell industry success and innovation, with the SCF Small Cell Awards presented on the evening of the first day, as part of an exclusive gala dinner.