Networking Opportunities for Attendees

The Future of Mobile Networks 11-13 May 2021, Online

Let’s be honest, we never imagined Small Cells World Summit 2021 would be virtual. But…

…we realized that this virtual environment can actually make it easier to make meaningful connections. We got to work on how to capture the magic of spontaneous connections, while improving on that experience overall. We searched and tested, and found a tool that we’re certain will bring a new level of value to your virtual Summit networking experience. 

The platform

  • We are using the leading AI based matchmaking tool utilized by Google, Samsung, Microsoft, TechCrunch and more. It uses your unique goals to recommend the most valuable connections within the Small Cells World Summit platform.
  • Delegates have access to this platform, and will be able to meet with these curated, qualified connections before and during Summit, scheduling and holding the meetings right there on the platform. All of your meetings and chats are saved to your account, so you can follow up with your matches even after the event is over. In fact, you’ll have 3 weeks to maximize this tool, networking, making connections, and holding meetings at your convenience.

How does it work?

  • SCF provides the community and the tool to connect. The rest is up to you.
  • It’s all about setting your intent and active participation.
  • On SCWS AI-powered, curated networking platform you’ll be able to find what you need by sharing what you have. And that starts with your profile. In the set-up process you can:
  • Write a detailed profile introduction and add a picture
  • Set your own availability for meetings through the schedule to receive inbound  meeting requests for the times that work for you (and so that you can do the same with others)
  • Add your email, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts to your profile so that you can be reached even if all of your meeting slots are booked
  • Determine and select your Intents, Categories and Interests
    • Your intent is your goal for Summit. What do you hope to get out of it?
    • Categories are broader topics that you’ll network about (e.g. Open RAN, spectrum or commercial property)
    • Interests are related to your category, but go deeper into specific topics and areas of expertise. For example: interests under the Marketing category could include Social Media Advertising, Content Marketing, Event/Experiential Marketing, Digital Marketing, etc
  • Once you are logged in, and your interests are updated, you’ll be able to:
  • Browse through the other attendees, qualify your connections prior to the event, and start requesting meetings
  • You can search for attendees by using specific keywords or by using the interest filter
  • You can find the newest users under the “People > Newest” tab
  • Discover organizations in the exhibition that can help you on your journey towards success.

I’m SOLD! How do I register?

Great! Please go to the REGISTRATION page to make your selection