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May 21st
May 22nd
State of the Market 2019 and Keynotes
  • What’s the latest market progress for densification with small cells?
  • What are the densification implications of 5G?
  • What is being done to ensure 5G readiness?
  • How will factors like spectrum, silicon and device penetration dictate 5G rollout?
  • What’s the role of Wi-Fi in the 5G Era?
  • Is today’s densification predominantly indoor or outdoor or both? Will that change?
  • Who is deploying small cells – MNOs? Neutral hosts, System Integrators, IT consultants? End users?
  • What can we do to make the industry grow faster?
Indoor systems and 5G Readiness
  • Where’s the hard evidence that good mobile signal benefits property value?
  • What are enterprise’s different options to get indoor coverage?
  • How should we split the bill for indoor deployment ? MNO/Enteprise?
  • What are the different technical and commercial solutions available?
    • MNO led, self deployed femto, multi-operator neutral host, Private network from SI.
    • Femto(s), pico, DIS, Disaggregated RAN, Edge
  • How can indoor deployments be futureproofed to be 5G ready?
  • What do the channels to market look like?
  • Will mmWave be used indoors? How does that change our deployment thinking ?
  • What the message to enterprise regarding 5G or 4G?
Neutral hosting for multi-operator mobile connectivity
  • Are neutral hosts ally or threat to MNOs?
  • What approaches are gaining traction in the market?
  • What technologies do neutral hosts use? Where are efficiencies to be had through sharing?
  • What are the barriers? What would help neutral hosts to grow?
Disaggregated architectures and Xhaul: doing the splits
  • Is the main benefit of disaggregation in performance or for commercial reasons?
  • Is this just a 5G thing, or applicable to 4G too?  Is it for indoor or outdoor or both?
  • Will there be one winner, or more of a toolbox approach?
  • How does the availability of silicon impact the choice of split option?
  • What’s the interplay with NFV and SDN?
  • What are the xhaul transport and sync implications? Do we understand the requirements?
Edge Compute + small cells serving Industrial IOT
  • LTE + edge is building a solid reputation with System Integrators and IT solution providers as the go-to technology where reliability, low delay and security are paramount.
  • What verticals are adopting this approach?
  • What spectrum is being used?
  • How will MNOs monetise Edge compute?
  • How do we grow this sector
  • When will private 5G networks start to be commercially deployed?
Shared spectrum: LSA and License Exempt
  • Licensed spectrum for a small number of competing MNOs has got us where we are today, creating the conditions which have built out high quality national mobile voice and data networks. For everything else, there’s license exempt for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc.
  • Does this remain right spectrum model for the next era: Smart society and the internet of things?
  • The FCC have/are trying LSA with their CBRS band. What’s the latest there – How’s that looking?
  • Will these remain private networks, or will they be integrated into national mobile networks?
  • Is there anywhere else in the world that is or will do something similar? What about UK/Europe?
  • Would the disruption be healthy competition, or could there be downsides for mobile networks?
Small cell planning and optimisation with AI/ML
  • Why is precision planning important – can we demonstrate the benefits?
  • What are the fundamental issues to get right?
  • How are we leveraging big data with AI/ML to plan an optimise better?
  • Do we need to marry up indoor and outdoor planning?
Regulatory regimes to encourage outdoor densification and 5G
  • 5G hype was raised awareness of the potential societal and economic benefits of connected society, and governments the world over are implementing policies to expedite adoption.
  • Several regions are introducing legislation to facilitate small cell deployment.
  • What can we learn from the FCC example?
  • What’s the expectation from the current EC process? What will the UK do?
  • What’s the recommended best practice policy?
  • Do we expect legal challenges? Which are the most contentious issues?
  • How do local authorities feel about this?
  • Does article 57 challenge the concession model? What’s the alternative?
  • Which other regions would most benefit from pro-densification policy?
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